Being wanted by the police is no laughing matter, but in many cases things can be worked out within a few days. When you're wanted by the Federal Bureau of Investigation (FBI) that is a whole different level of crime and really it's only a matter of time until law enforcement catches up with you. When I saw a list of 19 fugitives out of the state of Texas wanted by the FBI I wanted to share that list with you.

This list of fugitives includes crimes dating back to the 1980s and some as recent as 2020. There are both men and women wanted by the FBI and these fugitives are a collection of different ethnicities. This just goes to show that no matter what gender or color of skin you have if you do something bad enough to end up on the FBI radar they will do everything possible to capture you and bring you to justice.

Huge Variety of Crimes For the 19 Fugitives out of Texas Wanted by the FBI

You might think that the FBI is only going after fugitives that commit murder, but as you will see from the fugitive list below there are lots of different crimes that made this list. Yes, there are some suspected murders, but there are others that made the list for White Collar Crimes, or even Counterintelligence.

You Never Know Where These Fugitives Might Be Hiding

It might sound crazy but there is a chance you might know one or more of these fugitives, they all have ties to the state of Texas and it's possible they could be your neighbor down the street. Take a long look at all the photos of the fugitives below and if you think you have information about any of these cases reach out to law enforcement immediately.

19 Fugitives Wanted by the FBI With Ties to Texas

Take a look at these fugitives, some have rewards of up to $5 million dollars.

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