Gabby Barrett's debut album, Goldmine, contains 13 songs: 12 she wrote, and one outside cut, which just so happens to be the record's title track.

Nicolle Galyon, Caitlyn Smith and Liz Rose co-wrote "Goldmine," which compares finding a great relationship to striking gold. Barrett, though, says she also connects the track to the process of creating her first full-length project, which is why she chose it as the title track.

Below, Barrett shares the story of "Goldmine," in her own words.

"Goldmine" is the only track on the album that I didn't write, which is funny. I wrote 12 of the 13 songs, but "Goldmine" is the only [outside] cut that I did, just because I really liked everything about the song, and it connected to me really well.

But not only that, when I would think of people that worked in goldmines, it was always known to notoriously be very hard work. It was a hard-working job, and I know it sounds cliche, but over the past two years of writing, I really feel like I've dug for these songs and this music, and with these 13 tracks ... I feel like I've just struck my own little mine of gold. These are my little golden nuggets.

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