Game of Thrones is back on Sunday, and I'm getting excited about it.

Did you see Kit Harrington on SNL last weekend?

The skit above is hilarious, especially since we know HBO has a prequel coming at some point. Can you imagine John Snow having a an affair with a white walker?

Watching Maisie Williams' character Arya reimagined in cartoon form styled like MTV's Daria was short, but pointed. Did you catch that pun?

The King of Queen's landing was weak, but I have a soft spot for Sam and Gilly. Just the still of Cercei in the City leaves a lot to the imagination, and No Ballwers... wow! My brain still hasn't wrapped around the Marvelous Mrs. Melisandre, and Wildling Out, okay...

I was surprised they found a way to incorporate the kids with Dire Guys and Hodor's House. There's some sick humor in seeing Hodor holding that door. The crossover with SVU, though, that was a surprising a twist!

Thank goodness the real thing is back this weekend. I've been playing catch up for months, rewatching a few episodes at a time from the beginning. I'm anxiously awaiting what's next, and also sad to see it end.

I've already cleared my calendar for the next eight Sunday nights.

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