Many of you in East Texas reading this right now are either building up your retirement, getting ready to retire or already settled into that non-working life. Retirement is something we all work for and hope to be able to live a comfortable life once we're done with our career. We do see differences in generations, however, when it comes to money. Gen X'ers like myself are trying our best to save, save, save so we can have that good retirement in about 25 to 30 years. For the young 'uns of the Gen Z generation, they are following a trend called "soft saving." What is it and why are they doing it?

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Saving for the Future

Hard work and saving money has always been the mantra of the older generation. That doesn't mean that a good time wasn't had from time to time. Vacations were taken, family time was enjoyed, life has been good. It has just come to the point where working is just not in the cards anymore and it's time to slow things down and relax. The younger generation is looking at things a bit differently, however, especially since the pandemic locked us away for a little bit. They want to get out and enjoy every bit of life they can right now and save their money later.

Soft Saving

It is called "soft saving" and Gen Z is participating because they just want to live their life stress free and comfortable while focusing on their own growth as a person and their own mental health. That young generation would also rather put their money into causes they believe in than put it in a bank for safe keeping. Gen Z would simply like a better quality of life than extra money in the bank (

Also Why the Lack of Saving

To be honest, another reason for this lack of saving has to do with the current state of inflation. I mean, everything cost too much and there is less money to save. "Soft saving" isn't the most sound plan but it's a plan that the Gen Z generation believes in whether us old heads think it's a good idea or not.

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