Never have I believed in ghosts; I am one of those people that have to see something to believe it for myself. But this latest video that was released online by The Historic Jefferson Hotel in Jefferson, Texas has me rethinking everything I have ever thought about ghosts. 

If you’re not very familiar with The Jefferson Hotel, is it very well known as it has been around for 170 years and offered visitors a place to stay for 100 of those years. According to their own website the hotel offers an eclectic collection of antiques and whispers of specters roaming the halls. The building was first a cotton warehouse in the 1850s, it also once served as a brothel with ‘good time girls.’  

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Known as “The Worlds Most Haunted Hotel” 

If you have some time, you should check out the YouTube channel set up for The Historic Jefferson Hotel it shows you numerous videos of unexplained sightings or things moving around within the hotel. Some of the most unusual videos recently have been about a doll moving on its own and the owner of the hotel having his shirt tugged on. 

This New Video from The Jefferson Hotel Is One You Have to See 

The latest video from the haunted hotel shows a red rope that is moving on its own. You see no one around the rope at the time when it begins to move. The owner thinks it looks like someone went under the rope, to me I just see it moving a lot. But regardless, I don’t see anyone around that could have moved the rope.  

You have to see this video to see the rope move in The Jefferson Hotel and decide for yourself what happened: 

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