No matter the time of year, the Jefferson Hotel in Jefferson is good for a haunting overnight stay. You could very easily run into a message on a steamy mirror or hear voices or screams in the hallway. This particular ghost, or ghosts, apparently doesn't like bananas and loves to cause a spark or two when passing through.

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On Thursday, April 14, the Jefferson Hotel posted a new video of some interesting early morning activity. The first event took place in the kitchen. This ghost was taking some time to rearrange a part of the prep area. It must not have liked the position of the box of crackers, butter and those darn bananas. You can see the full video at the bottom but you see a box get thrown to the floor, the box of crackers and tub of butter moved around and the bananas moved around in different directions then tossed to the floor.

This part of the video happened around 5:35 a.m. on April 14. The next part of the video takes place near the front desk around 5:32 a.m., right before the events in the kitchen.

This particular activity involves what looks like a lamp flashing as if its shorting out. After looking at another angle, turns out the light didn't come from the lamp but from the wall behind it. Someone in the comment section thought they saw something going up the stairs but, at least from what I can see, I think its just the video pixelating.

Take a look for yourself and see if there's anything you might be able to see that others can't.

The Jefferson Hotel is well known for it's strange occurrences. From messages on a bathroom mirror to random hallway screams to ghosts just being playful to hurling obscenities to a cross, its a paranormal fanatic's dream overnight stay.

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