Tessica Brown, AKA the Gorilla Glue Hair Girl, has finally been set free from her sticky situation after a procedure in Beverly Hills.

It's been a national story that I'm sure you've heard of by now. Tessica Brown was preparing for the day and ran out of her usual "Got 2 be Glue" spray. She decided that Gorilla Glue spray would be an ok substitute to use.

Boy was she wrong.

After a month of her hair being stiff with glue, she took her troubles to social media. Obviously at first a lot of people it assumed this had to be a joke. Unfortunately, it was not.

The internet does what it does best, and began to investigate ways for Tessica to find relief. Believe me when I say this woman tried everything! From acetone to baby oil, super glue remover, and olive oil - she tried it all.

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Tessica was able to find some relief after using a glue remover, and her younger sister was able to cut off the ponytail that was causing a lot of pain. Then Tessica headed out to LA, where a Beverly Hills plastic surgeon with a background in chemistry, Michael Obent, was able to give her some much needed relief.

Tessica misses her long hair, but at least Obent was able to save what he could. Many people on the internet suggested that Tessica would never have hair again. Obent says that after 6 weeks of recovery, Tessica should be able to put extensions in her hair again.

The procedure is said to have been $12,500, but due to the fact that Tessica is national news and looking at what she's been through, Obent waived the fee. After a month of agony, it only took 4 hours for Obent to complete the procedure.

I'm thrilled to see a happy ending to this story, because honestly we've all done things we regret. Compassion isn't just for school children. You need it for life!



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