There is the old cliche that if you haven't been the best during the year, Santa will fill your stocking with coal. Well, thanks to the magic of online ordering, you could send someone whose been bad, or just don't like, a lump of coal for Christmas.

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Our parents always told us, "You better be good or Santa will fill your stocking with coal." Well now, that could become a reality. For the mere price of $8 at, you can order an authentic piece of Kentucky coal to send to someone who hasn't been good, or you just don't like. It will even come with the message of "Merry Christmas Butthole."

Being the lover of pranks, I would do this just to send to friends. I would not include the "Merry Christmas Butthole" message. I would find some other inside joke message to include with the coal. I would get a huge kick out of it if I received one of these in the mail from a friend.

For the parents that like to prank their kids, could you imagine the looks on their face when they reach into their sticking and a piece of coal is what they pull out. I would get a huge laugh out of it for sure. I could do this to my niece and nephew. We'll see.

This would make a great white elephant gift for your company Christmas party, too.

The moral of this story: be good or you could get a lump of coal for Christmas.

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