Low on cash and need a Valentine's Day gift? Don't be afraid, Craigslist is here to help. There are loads of great gifts being sold on the East Texas page of the website. Getting that great gift for FREE is just a click away thanks to Craigslist. 

Being broke on Valentine's Day can land you in the dog house. Before you steal flowers from your neighbors yard, head to Craigslist.

Within the East Texas Craigslist postings there is posting under the option For Sale that lists FREE stuff.

Yes, you read that right, FREE stuff. How brilliant! Why waste money on chocolates, jewels, and cards? You could get the one you love something that could last forever and cost you nothing.

Here are a few of the ads for FREE stuff on Craigslist:

1974 Glastron Walk-thru windshield ski boat

Pool Accessories -- Above Ground

Give your wife/ husband/ boyfriend/ girlfriend/ or whoever you are calling your valentine some great pool accessories. This will be a great plan ahead gift. What's a plan ahead gift? These are gifts that people receive in pieces. First come the pool accessories, then some towels. Third in line, you give them some noodles and floaties. Then in a few years, they are all ready to get the last piece to their gift puzzle. The pool. Saves you money and keeps them guessing. That is romantic.

W2 forms for up to 100 employees

Has your lover been talking about opening their own business for a while now? Give them that loving push this Valentine's Day with W2 forms for that start up business. They will feel encouraged and glad that you saved money getting it free. You'll need all the money you can get to pay all 100 of those new employees.

Free Rocking Chair

Who doesn't like sitting around in a rocking chair? It takes the stress out of your day. So, save money on that stress relieving spa day and grab this FREE rocking chair. Your lady or man will be so pleased that you are making an effort to comfort them.

Two Free TVs

Do you and you love argue about what show to watch on TV? Here is your FREE solution for Valentine's Day. Two TVs. That will cure any fighting over the remote. Put them in the living room next to each other and then you can still cuddle on the couch. Boom. TV problem solved.

21 Free Used Tires

There you have it. You need not worry one more second about your Valentine's Day gifts. Just cruise your way to Craigslist and checkout all of the great gifts waiting for you.