Here' one for the record books, a groom's mother finds out her son's bride-to-be is her daughter. That's right, her daughter. And they still got married.

You've heard of fights at weddings, brides leaving grooms at the altar, the groom's leaving brides, gunfights in church, etc., but this story takes the cake.

According to the Oriental Daily, a couple was at the altar, their wedding day. They were about to start the nuptials when the groom's mom noticed a birthmark on the bride-to-be's hand. The mom was particularly drawn to the birthmark because her daughter, who went missing years prior, had that same birthmark.

Over 20 years earlier, the groom's mom's biological daughter went missing. She was never found.

At the wedding, the groom's mom went up to the bride-to-be's parents and asked if she had been adopted. Her parents were shocked as they had never spoken of it. They explained how she had been roaming, lost on the side of the road and how they'd adopted her over 2 decades ago.

In an unimaginable turn of events, as it turned out, the bide to be was indeed the groom's mother's long lost biological daughter. And yet, they were still married.

Here's why the marriage was still allowed to take place. When the daughter wasn't found, the grief-stricken mom adopted the groom. So the bride and groom were brother and sister but not biologically related.

The wedding still took place and everyone involved was witness to the most incredible wedding story, ever. The bride and groom and their families claim the wedding took second place on the most amazing day of all of their lives.

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