You wouldn't think that Tyler, Texas and Guam could be used in the same sentence. However, for this bit of news, that is the case. The medical community in Tyler is pretty expansive with some of the best doctors and best Emergency Medical Service (EMS) personal in the state. For that reason, the Guam Fire Department is sending its members to train and improve their EMS skills in Tyler.

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A couple of years ago, the Guam Fire Department contacted the School of EMS in Tyler in the hopes of coordinating a training program to improve the EMS skills of the departments members. Eventually, a partnership was born between the Guam Fire Department, Guam's government, EMS Commission and Guam Community College to bring the program full circle.

How the Program Works

Students start with a set of online courses. A member of the Tyler School of EMS then travels to Guam to teach in person classes. After that, Guam students travel to Tyler to complete their training.

While they were very well trained at the advanced EMT level, taking the next step to the paramedic level was a plan by the government and was also a need by the fire department to be able to provide this to their citizens.

The training for the Guam students will take place in Tyler over this summer. They will be in two groups of five and will be in town for two weeks.

Welcome to Tyler. Enjoy your time here training with some of the best medical personal anywhere.

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