One of the biggest requests from East Texans is to add an H-E-B somewhere close. It would be tough as Brookshire's and Super 1 Foods are king in the Northern half of East Texas. A little tid bit of news from H-E-B, however, is only going to increase the want for a store in the area, scented candles.

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That's right. H-E-B revealed on Twitter some unusually scented candles that, just by their name, sound like they'd smell really good and delicious.

  • Homemade Vanilla Creamy Creations Ice Cream
  • Texas Wildflower Honey
  • Two-Bite Brownies
  • The Cowboy Cookie
  • Cinnamon Rolls
  • Bakery Butter Tortilla
  • Blueberry Muffin
H-E-B via Twitter
H-E-B via Twitter
H-E-B via Twitter
H-E-B via Twitter

Look, I'm a dude. Candles are certainly not my area of expertise. Having said that, I'm looking at these scents and would actually pick some of these up.

Bakery Butter Tortilla - I'm imagining the smell of your favorite Tex-Mex stop where they make tortillas in front of you. That. Smells. Good.

Homemade Vanilla Creamy Creations Ice Cream - I remember growing up and we'd have church socials where members would make homemade ice cream. There is something about that smell that's very vanilla and very sweet. I imagine this one would smell like that.

Texas Wildflower Honey - If this is a combination of the smell of wildflowers and honey, I'm all in.

Those are just the ones that really stuck out in my mind that could really smell great. It seems, though, that these candles could be ordered and delivered to your home. Check out all the details, and the two sizes offered, at

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