As we roll into Labor Day Weekend, we all know things are much different than years past. For a lot of area families this would typically be the last camping trip, or vacation before kids go back to school. Many kids have already started classes - just at the kitchen table this year.

I know people are still camping and heading out of town, or even out of state - but it still feels different to me. My plans for the weekend are to work, which I normally do, and hang out with the same group I have been hanging out with during the pandemic. Keeping it as safe as I can, and still continuing to social distance.

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My question to you is, does it seem different this year - or are you business as usual? Did the pandemic cause you to change your normal plans? A trip out of town is not a requirement for me to have fun, but I know I have had to cancel a handful of things due to what is going on in the world.

I am choosing to take in all in stride. As long as I get a burger and a few beers over the holiday weekend, I am a happy girl. A few shots will make me happy too. Shocker right? Whatever your plans are, I do hope you enjoy yourself. It's crazy to think this pandemic has lasted the entire summer. But to be fair, the last day of summer is actually Tuesday, September 22nd - make it count. I know I will.

Have a great holiday weekend.

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