Normally when people think about eating in the state of Texas, they think about southern foods that are normally deep fried and covered in gravy, which is delicious. But one of the best things about Texas is the variety of so many things, including all the food options that are available. It was interesting to see that Texas was included in a list recently when discussing which US states are eating healthy foods.  

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Let’s be honest, we would all love to eat delicious and greasy food for every meal, but we have received more education on the benefits of eating healthier foods. We have also learned a lot about the dangers of eating foods that are bad for you on a consistent basis. No one wants to eat themselves toward heart disease or diabetes which is why it is important to eat more vegetables and salads, so we give our bodies the proper fuel that it needs. 

Remember Losing Weight Isn’t Just Eating Healthy 

One of the biggest goals for most people in Texas and across the country is to lose weight, but just remember dropping pounds in most cases will take more than just changing your eating habits. You’re going to want to incorporate some exercise. It’s all about making sure you’re burning more calories than you're consuming.  

Let’s Look at What States are Best at Eating Healthy 

The website Great Green Wall Healthy, which is all about health information, ranked all US states in eating healthy foods. Let’s look at where Texas landed.  

Ranking the States That Eat the Healthiest Food

When looking at all U.S. States here is a look at the states that seem to do the best job at making sure they are eating healthy foods.

Gallery Credit: Billy Jenkins

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