Chris March is from Austin, and former owner of the bar Mean Eyed Cat in Austin. When he sold his bar in 2013, he came up with what I would call a "brilliant idea". It is a mobile dance hall called "Hello Trouble Hall" according to It is a mobile eight foot by twenty foot dance hall. It's great for dancing and full of country memorabilia. It is also consider the first and only of its kind... for now.

The mobile dance hall features a juke box and bartenders dressed in pearl snap shirts. Now, the dance floor would obviously not be very big but that's just a great excuse to stay close to your partner.

It is available for birthdays, weddings, backyard parties or maybe this could be something added for the Red Dirt BBQ and Music Fest next year. What do you think?

Find out everything you need to know about "Hello Trouble Hall", including how to book them at

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