Most of us have needed help at some point in our lives. And even though it hurts our ego to ask for help we can normally rely on a friend or family member to help us out. But there is a new bill that will go into effect in less than two months that will require some homeless people to move from their current location or else law enforcement will begin taking action.

According to KLTV, on September 1st, House Bill 1925 will make it so homeless camps in unapproved areas will be prohibited. This means no tents or beds of any kind will be allowed. But law enforcement in Tyler has already started the process of letting homeless people know about the new rules that begin soon. This is in an attempt to give homeless people plenty of time to make the changes needed. The last thing officers want to do is write citations to homeless people who are already struggling.

The Tyler Street Team Has Been Helpful to the Homeless Population As Well

The local Tyler Street Team has been so generous going to work in February during the winter storms to make sure the homeless population in our area have the items needed to survive. The team is made up of volunteers who are willing to help others in their time of need. Tyler Street Team organizers say of the 200-300 homeless people in Tyler most of them will be in trouble of breaking the law when the new bill takes effect.

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The Tyler Street Team Wants Churches to do More to Help the Homeless

The street team believes the Adopt-a-Neighbor program could drastically help the homeless population here. This would mean church leaders welcoming new members and assisting them with getting back on their feet. There are currently less than 5 churches that take part in this program. If churches want to know more or help out they are encouraged to click here.

House Bill 1925 Might Seem Harsh But It's What's Best for Texas

I have family members in Seattle and Portland and visiting them is eye opening as the homeless populations in these towns are over running the city. You will see million dollar homes with homeless people going to the bathroom right out front on the sidewalk. While I do believe we need to look out for each other and help out as much as possible. We cannot just let our cities be overrun because no one was willing to take action.

What do you think, should churches be doing more to help out right now?

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