Prom season is just around the corner for East Texas high schoolers. Soon girls will be picking out that perfect dress to wear to the big dance while the guys will be fitted for their tuxes.  Prom is meant to be a classy event and to serve as a highlight of your high school years but somehow this girl didn't see her high school prom as being classy. 

I may be old fashioned, and that's ok with me, but I believe prom dresses need to be classy. If my daughter were to show up at her prom with a dress like that, well, we'll just say there would be a lot off problems for her for many many years to come!

This pic was posted on another radio stations Facebook page saying this is how she dressed and showed up at her high school prom. It's amazing how she was able to get past her parents and out of the house.

If this were your daughter and it was her prom and this is the dress she chose, how would you address it?  Would you allow her to go to prom in a dress like this?

What if you were a school administrator and a student showed up to prom with a dress like this, how would you handle it?

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