Students like to get creative when asking for a date to the prom. Well, one student in Terrell decided to cover George Strait to ask his hopeful date to the big dance according to WFAA.

The George Strait tune of choice was "Check Yes or No". Very appropriate. As the student sang to the young woman, she was obviously a little embarrassed. Or just taken aback at the gentleman's effort.

Whatever her reaction, she was presented with a sign to circle "Yes" or "No" when he was finished singing. She circled "Yes".

You have to admit, too, that the dude singing was pretty darn good. If I was to sing to someone, they'd run away screaming. I can't carry a tune in a bucket. That's why I talk for a living.

I'm giving him an A+ for his creativity. Here's to hoping the young couple have a great time at their prom.

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