This has to be one of the best deals ever created for Valentine's Day - at least MY kind of Valentine's Day. Hooters is taking the uncoventional route and celebrating the life of single-hood.

This Valentine's Day, the first "breastaurant" is offering you - the single person / unrequited lover - a chance to a) shred a photo of your ex-girlfriend or ex-boyfriend and b) get 10 free wings for doing so.

What you need to do to get these free wings is you need to bring a photo of your ex on February 14 so they can actually shred the photo of 'who will not be named', order 10 wings, and then you get an extra order of 10 wings.

If you don't want to be in a restaurant with a whole bunch of single people eating 20 wings in one sitting, you can also shred a digital image of your ex and receive a coupon for the same deal.

So, if you really are single, you can sit in bed and eat all 20 to yourself - everything's a napkin! Or maybe you can share with your other single friends. Just go to and do it digitally. Check out the video below for a step-by-step.

Finally, score a point for the single people on Valentine's Day. Am I right?

To find a Hoooters near you, use the Hooters locator (that sounds inappropriate).

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