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I'm always on the hunt for that weird Wichita Falls, Texas, news and today we're going to be traveling far out of our city for this one, in fact we have to leave the country. Let's go all the way to South Africa.

2020 Horror Film Set in Wichita Falls?

Looks like in 2018, a man by the name of Tim Hugo set out to make "the most gruesome snuff film of all time." The plot is weird, "a cult of misanthropic serial killers film themselves doing their deeds. It sort of looks like it was inspired by 'The Blair Witch Project".


^That is what the movie is called. "Schlachten" is the German word for Butcher. Be careful doing research on this movie. When you type in "Schlachten German movie" online, you're going to get a lot of videos of animals being killed and not this movie. However, I was able to find one video showing off this movie.

Watch Scenes from the Wichita Falls Horror Movie Below

According to IMDB, "The plot is originally set in Wichita Falls, Texas, but is shot in Bloemfontein, a small city in South Africa." This movie was directed by a man named Tim Hugo, which from what I see has no connection to Wichita Falls, Texas, at all. He was born in South Africa from what I see.

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Maybe Tim is a big fan of the Texas Chainsaw Massacre series and decided to pick a random Texas town for his serial killers to terrorize? Whatever the reasoning, it is weird that someone in South Africa is watching people being killed in Wichita Falls, Texas.

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