I love hippopotamuses. Even if they are the most dangerous mammal in the world. I wish our Caldwell Zoo would get one.

But, the Dallas Zoo will soon get a new hippo from Los Angeles. So how do you move an animal as large as a hippopotamus from California to Texas?

Simple. Snacks. I guess they are not that much different from us when it comes to a road trip.

Well, it takes a little more than snacks. You also need a crane and a large truck.

Adhama is a six year old hippo that will come to the Dallas Zoo as part of the Species Survival Plan through the Association of Zoos and Aquariums according to mercurynews.com. Once he arrives in Dallas, he will hopefully mate with a new female to continue his genetic line.

Adhama has been trained to get in his crate using heads of lettuce. From there the crate will be loaded onto a semi truck specifically designed with air conditioning, a hose to provide water and about 50 pounds of hay.

He is expected to leave Los Angeles the week of March 20 with the trip to Dallas lasting about 24 hours.

I would love to have a hippo. If I can't, a pot bellied pig will do.

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