Friday, September 13, Facebook launched their new dating app in East Texas. Being a single dude, I filled out a profile to check it out. So what do I think about it? In short, it's a "meh" so far.

Look, I'm not gonna make up this snazzy profile to try to get an instant reaction from a stranger looking for love. I'm gonna put my true self out there. For instance, this is what I have for the "about me" portion:

A little about me, huh? Well, I love rock and heavy metal music. I'll listen to pop but don't expect me to like it because I won't. I love playing video games, super hero movies, and other geeky stuff. I'm also a huge Dallas Cowboys fan. So, in a nutshell, if you can enjoy all of the above, we just might get along nicely. Let's get together, have a good time and laugh at dumb stuff.

Nothing flashy, just who I am.

I got a few "Liked You" notifications. But, I think there is a bug in the app right now as I would click on it and they wouldn't show up. There's not a lot of info on how it works, but I'm guessing if you "like" them back, you're probably connected on Facebook messenger to start talking.

Flipping through the different profiles, it seems that most people probably don't even realize there is a profile for them. When I first looked in the app, there was a generic profile set up for me that I needed to edit a lot. I have a feeling the couple of "likes" I clicked probably will never be seen.

You have the option, by the way, to completely delete the profile. Just open the Facebook app on your phone, click the heart at the top, click the gear symbol in the top right corner and you'll find the option there.

Thankfully, there's no option to friend someone. That would get very annoying and frankly would be a pretty stupid move on Facebook's part to have that.

So yeah, it's a free version of Tinder or Bumble that seems a bit buggy right now. I'll check back with it from time to time to see if it improves. Maybe I'll find that special someone, who knows.

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