Whoever said, "It's better to give than to receive," probably received a lot of ties, socks and awful Christmas sweaters over the years. Nobody really enjoys getting these kinds of gifts, but millions are sold every year. It's time to stop faking enthusiasm over stuff that'll end up at the back of your closet. Here are several ways to let your family, friends and significant others know what you really want this year:

  • DarcyMeece, Flickr
    DarcyMeece, Flickr

    Go Public

    Since people are curious by nature,try leaving your computer or laptop open on a website of items you may want. Bookmark your most-wanted items, fill your desktop with those sites whenever you leave your computer unattended, and cycle through your choices over time. Nosy onlookers will snoop and get at least a few hints on what to buy.

  • kiwana, Flickr
    kiwana, Flickr

    Be Devious

    Fake it 'til you make it obvious. Send a text message to say your "mother" in response to a gift idea for your "father." Pretend your desired gift is what she's giving him, praise her choice and add that it's too bad she already has something for you because you'd really like it. Then send it to the intended recipient -- your girlfriend, wife, best friend, or anyone else you might have "accidentally" called on speed dial -- instead of your mother.

  • SeanMcEntee, Flickr
    SeanMcEntee, Flickr


    Facebook is an easy way to make your wants and desires known. All it takes is the click of a button to "Like" a product, website, store, service or vendor on Facebook. That "like" will show up on your Wall, appear on your Friends feed, and guide even the most unimaginative gift-giver to the right stuff.

  • CodyAsh, Flickr
    CodyAsh, Flickr

    Just Tell 'Em

    When all else fails - just tell 'em what you want! Merry Christmas!

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