With the Monster Truck Fall Nationals coming up this Saturday, we began thinking about all of the things one might need to make this experience a memorable one. One of our staff members, who is a huge monster truck fan, began to give us tips to make our first time at a monster truck rally great. We decided to be gracious and share these tips with you. Enjoy!

First and foremost

You need to bring your camera -- this is an experience that you want your family to remember for a long time. You're going to want to take pictures- whether it be of your kids staring in awe at the giant trucks, or watching the trucks completely crush the smaller cars making for epic photos. Just, don't leave the camera at home. You'll regret it.


Make sure you have plenty of money - this isn't an event where you want to come with an empty wallet. The kids are going to start complaining that they're hungry and thirsty, and you'll give in because they are so adorable. Then as you're walking out, they will run over to the souvenir table and pick up a toy monster truck and will let you know how much they NEED this toy and that they will die without it. They will bat those little eye lashes and you will give in and buy them that little toy truck they will play with a few times then you will never see it again.  But you will make them smile and you will give them memories from this monster truck adventure. That right there will all be worth it.

Third - Must Have

Now with all of the kids trying to get your attention with the "Woah, Dad! Look at that huge truck!" and the "Dad! Can we go over here?!" and the constant voicing of how much of a blast they are having, make you sure you go into this with a whole lot of patience. They are going to be so excited that they get to go see these massive trucks crush things and make loud noises, they are bound to want to see and do everything and you will be pulled in many different directions. Just carry a little extra bit of patience around in your back pocket.

Fourth & Final Necessity

Lastly, the most important thing that you DO NOT want to forget: ear plugs. You are definitely going to want to have ear plugs because the trucks are so loud. Like, go to a show in September and your ears will still be ringing in December, loud. Just the generic shot gun earplugs may work, but if you have children say, under 7, you may want to get ear muffs or stereo headphones because they're little ears are so sensitive.

The Monster Truck Fall Nationals is this Saturday, September 17th at Lone Star Speedway in Kilgore. Tickets on sale now at Baskins, ABC Auto Parts, and Cavenders. Tickets will also be available at the gate the night of the show! For ticket options and prices click here. This show is going to be such a fun event for all the family, you don't want to miss it!