With 4th of July only days away, chances are you or someone you know bought a big 'ol bag of fireworks. If they purchased them from certain pop-up stands around Texas, there's a also a chance they are very dangerous and on the recall list.

The United States Consumer Product Safety Commission issued a recall notice for TNT Red, White, & Blue smoke fireworks.  These particular fireworks are meant to make smoke when lit, but there have been reports of the cans exploding unexpectedly when lit.

There are already three cases of people suffering burn injuries per American Promotional Events.

Over 36,000 units have been sold since May of 2017. If you did purchase TNT Red, White, & Blue smoke fireworks, you are entitled to a full refund - DO NOT RISK USING THEM. There are a few ways to get your refund:

  • Call American Promotional Events (800) 243-1189
  • Email at info@tntfireworks.com
  • Go online at www.tntfireworks.com 

TNT Stands and Tents in the  East Texas

  • Jacksonville - 3738 US HWY 69 S.
  • Mount Pleasant - 5255 S. US HWY 271

You can find all of the locations on the TNT Fireworks website.

Other stores they can be purchased from:

  • Sam's Club
  • Target
  • Wal-Mart
  • Dollar General
  • Albertsons

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