Yesterday, as Texas Game Wardens were patrolling the Gulf of Mexico they encountered a fishing vessel that they wanted to investigate as they suspected some illegal fishing was taking place. These boats and anglers are referred to as "lancha", and as expected they were illegally fishing within the U.S. Exclusive Economic Zone. The boat and crew are now facing consequences with the Texas Game Wardens.

Everyone knows that when you're fishing in and around the state of Texas you must follow the rules, well these fisherman were not following the rules as the Texas Game Wardens found them in possession of close to 500 lbs. of Red Snapper. I'll be honest I am a fan of Red Snapper, I think it has great flavor but everyone knows there are limits when fishing and it's way under 500 lbs.

What Punishment Are These Guys Facing

According to the social media post made by the Texas Game Wardens these guys had their boat, fishing gear, and crew were all turned over to the USCG Station South Padre Island.

The Social Media Comments Were Funny

Lots of people on social media were proud that the Texas Game Wardens caught these illegal fisherman. Others wanted to make jokes wondering if the boat that was seized is now for sale. Or if the illegal fisherman mentioned what kind of bait they used to catch all the fish. While it's funny to laugh on social media, make sure you are following all rules and regulations while fishing in and around the state of Texas.

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