Whether you live in Dallas, TX, or somewhere else in The Lone Star State, there is a very simple answer to the question "Is it Illegal to Block a Private Driveway in Texas?"


So, this came up when a tenant sent me pictures of a work truck and trailer blocking the driveway of our rent house. As it turns out, there is major road construction happening around this neighborhood and apparently the company that's doing doesn't mind blocking private driveways.

They are breaking the law.

According to Texas Transportation Code Sec. 545.302, "drivers cannot park in front of a driveway, whether public or private. This also goes for blocking a driveway belonging to first responders such as firefighting vehicles. Exceptions are made if you are loading or unloading passengers for a short time."

The answer is cut and dry.

Not only is it illegal to block private driveways, but public ones as well. It doesn't matter whose vehicle it is, if it's blocking a driveway it is illegal.

What should you do if this happens to you?

Parklio recommends "Talking calmly can help you find common ground and reach an agreement. If you are still unable to resolve the situation, you may want to consider contacting your local police department and filing a report or a towing company, depending on where you live."

They also recommend putting up signage to hopefully curtail the law breaking. If talking doesn't work, or you can't find the driver, perhaps a strategically situated simple "No Parking" sign could put and end to it.

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