The way people drive in Tyler just pisses me off. Some people think that being an a$$hole behind the wheel and not driving properly is the right thing to do.

News flash! It's not.

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I get it, we're all in hurry. We all want to get where we're going. We hate stop lights. But guess what, on a packed South Broadway, weaving in and out of 40 mph traffic because you want to drive 60 mph won't get you there any faster. Another pointer, stay out of the right lane if you want to go fast. There is an intersection or a business to turn into just about every 75 yards or so. All you're gonna do is start and stop the whole time.

When you come to an intersection, and traffic is backed up into the intersection, and you have a green light, you can't move into the intersection. If that light turns red, you are blocking the other lanes and they can't go on their green light. We all learned that the first day of Driver's Ed. YOU CAN NOT BLOCK AN INTERSECTION.

TURN YOUR HIGH BEAMS OFF. Why are half the drivers, in the middle of town, driving with their high beams on? You're on Loop 323, not County Road 498, turn them off. Especially with those newer LED headlights, you're hindering the vision of everyone in front of you.

When stopping at a red light, why are people stopping two car lengths behind someone then spend the whole stop light time slowly creeping up? What's the point of this? Pull up, stop and stay there.

And for God's sake, just have half a piece of patience. Blowing through a light isn't going to get you to your destination any faster. You've just exchanged one massive piece of traffic for another. Now you're at the back of that pack of traffic that'll just slow you down instead of being in the front if you had just waited.

Most importantly, even if traffic is at a crawl, GET THE HELL OFF YOUR PHONE. Just today, there was a girl behind me staring down at her phone while moving about 20 miles per hour. If I had slammed on my brakes, she would have hit me because she couldn't react to it because she was looking at her phone.

I'm not apologizing for this rant because you, the bad driver, are making the overcrowded situation on South Broadway, or any other East Texas city road, 1,000 times worse. Go back to driver's ed and relearn everything you've chosen to forget. You are going to get someone, or a family member, seriously hurt or even killed because of your idiotic and dangerous driving.

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