I've had enough. I'm done. I'm so sick of robocalls on my mobile phone that I just can't take it anymore. Here are the actions I'm taking to prevent more.

First, I've had several calls like this recently. I started pressing '2' to be removed from their lists, but now I've learned that may only lead to more calls. Today, it happened again. I received a call from someone claiming to be the Treasury Department, and asking me to return their call.

I suspected that it might be a scam. So, Instead of returning the call, I did a quick search for the number. Immediately I saw results confirming it was a scam.

I got angry, and decided it was time to take action. I did a search for blocking scam calls, and began reading articles from the government and experts on how to combat them.

First I went to the national Do Not Call Registry. I couldn't remember if had I signed, but found that I could check it on their site. In fact, I had signed up on Jan. 6, 2015. Yet, I'm still getting these annoying phone calls. I reported the number, and then I dug deeper.

Tech expert Kim Komando, wrote an article in 2015 about how to combat the robocalls. After reading her article I downloaded an app known as 'Nomorobo.' They have a 30 Day Free Trial, so I signed up within the app store.

Determined to prevent as many of these call as I can, I looked up more information from the Federal Trade Commission. In the video below,  Kati Daffan, an attorney at the Federal Trade Commission, offers more advice on robocalls.

We can also report these scammers locally to our Better Business Bureau online. It seems like more and more I find people are really frustrated with these calls, and they cause different reactions.

I have some friends who just do not answer the call if they don't know the number. Others, will answer and press '2' like I've been doing, and some irritate them back. My friend Larry, called the guy back once, and asked him how he got his number, and was curse at by the operator on the other end.

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