American parents who are not in favor of immunizing their children are purposely seeking out Chicken Pox infected lollipops to intentionally infect their children with this horrendous disease.

I read a report today that in Sweden it is against the law to spank your child -- authorities trying to ensure the safety of their youth, I get that.

Parents right here in our own backyard that would rather their child ingest the "live germs" from Chicken Pox patient to avoid having their child having to be immunized .


But to NOT take your child to get their shot is simply nothing more than child abuse.  How dare someone think their child has more rights to safety than mine. As a result of these self-centered parents not using some "tough love" they putting my child at risk -- talk about selfish!

Yeah let's all let Polio resume it's ravage on mankind.

I get it -- I really do -- I never wanted to take my kids to get their immunizations as it is painful to see your child being purposely hurt.

(I bet they are the parents who's kid throws a fit in the store and the punishment is "mom is going to count to five" -- OMG really?)

Hey I have a cold anyone want to build your resistance to a cold -- I will gladly give you a lollipop I sucked on.

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