Most of us go to the beach to relax and get away from the stress of work and home. You don’t really go expecting to find a new creature that you have never seen before but according to Texas Parks and Wildlife, that is exactly what happened to Judith Groome as she came across an unexpected octopus on South Padre Island in Texas. 

She stumbled upon the octopus who was unfortunately already deceased when it washed up on the shore just after Christmas. It’s pretty easy to tell that this is an octopus, but what really makes this creature stand out is it’s 8 arms and large head, plus it’s lack of markings (bands, bars, and spots), as well as it’s lack of short/unequal arms. All of this information coming from Texas Parks and Wildlife. 

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This Octopus Has a Short Lifespan 

According to My SA, this type of octopus is known for having a lifespan of only about 12-18 months. Females are known to protect their eggs until they hatch and then they pass away.  

This Octopus Is Very Intelligent 

It was really interesting to me that this octopus is very intelligent in fact many researchers believe them to be as intelligent as a cat. I had no idea that an octopus was that intelligent, although before know I didn’t know much about octopi at all. Just like most things you find in the wild if you are to stumble upon an octopus that looks like this please leave it alone.  

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