Could you watch this over and over again? I could. If you said "no", you're lying.

Whoever thought of this is a genius. Turn on your treadmill, add some hot wheels and let the fun begin.

I wonder if this would work if I added a couple to the treadmill when I go to the gym. It would make the workout a little more interesting. Maybe I could start a new trend, dodging hot wheels while you jog on the treadmill. There are crazier exercises out there.

I wonder, too, what would happen when you turn the treadmill off. Would the cars fly off? That would be even more fun. Stack some solo cups so they can crash through them.

Ok, maybe I'm overthinking this. But I really want to do this myself just to see if there's other obstacles or challenges I could add.

This is really cool, though. Thanks internet.

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