Raise your hand if you have ever had a relationship that has made you think you're losing your mind. Have you ever suspected a partner of cheating on you? You start looking for receipts, you think that smell on their shirt sure smells like someone else's perfume, you look through their phone and find nothing. Are you going crazy?

If you are seeing a lot of red flags or maybe your significant other is just acting plain shady, keep an eye on their iPhone screen. No there isn't a new app that's helping cheaters get away with an affair, it's more like disabling alerts.

You know how you get a preview alert if you get a text or social media message even if the phone is locked? That is a default in your notifications settings. So, if a message comes through and there is no alert or preview, there is a 100% chance the owner of the phone turned off their notifications. Could it be that someone is easily annoyed? Perhaps, but you and I both know it's because someone is busy being shady.

If your relationship is on the rocks and you're having doubts this may be the nail on the coffin, but if you're convinced everything is beachy, it's time to have a sit-down conversation with your significant other and calmly address the situation.

Krystal Montez
Krystal Montez

Curious about changing out your iPhone notifications? Go into your phones "Settings" then click on "Notifications" above the list of all your apps,. There you will see there is an option for "Show Previews" That gives you the ability to change it between "Always" "When Unlocked" and "Never". IF you need this help on disabling alerts, you probably shouldn't be in a relationship. Just saying!

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