Remember back in June when many East Texas yards were mostly made of mud? Some people went so far as to curse the huge amounts of rain that we received in the Spring.

But, most of us knew better.

Native Texans, especially those who have lived in East Texas for a while, know just how quickly and tightly the spigot of rain can be turned off. We remember the drought of 2011.  We remember area bass and catfish walking to our porch and asking if they could live in our bathtub for a spell.

So, we knew despite the torrents of rain that had been falling, we dare not question the source, nor the amount.

Apparently, some folks didn't get the memo.

You have to go back to early July since widespread rain has fallen across East Texas. But, that could be about to change!

The latest precipitation forecast from the folks at NOAA indicates that a trough bringing rain to California will be making its way to our neck of the woods by Friday. One to three inches of rain through the weekend could be rather common in East Texas, with locally heavier amounts.

Could this be the start of the El Nino trend that means cooler temps and more precipitation for the next few months?

I sure hope so. It took months in 2011 to wash that fishy smell from my bathtub.

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