This past weekend was the 4th annual KNUE "Bikers Rule For School" event benefiting PATH and their school supply train. It was a blast as always, and as always, the bikes were out of this world cool! I saw so many beautiful bikes at our event it was amazing. My older brother rode a 1997 Dyna Wide Glide Harley, and my younger brother, a '99 Night Train. They loved 'em. I don't know a thing about bikes, but I appreciate their beauty.

I realize their are many different bikes, but most of the bikers at our event this past weekend were riding Harley's.  My brothers', along with a lot of other bikers, believe Harley is the only way to ride.

So my question is -   "is there any other bike to ride than a Harley?"  Tell us what you ride and why, in the comment section below.