2020 has looked mighty different for us. It's had quite a few downs, but here we are powering through. With our kids, teens, and young adults headed back to school, a radio DJ from our sister station in Abilene is supporting them in an incredible way.

Our good friend Frank Pain is headed across the state of Texas in what is called the 'Ride For Change'. It's a motorcycle ride through 11 Texas cities to spread a message of positivity to help get us through the rough time, to share what change he'd like to see in our communities, all while also raising money for minority student scholarships.

How incredible is this? You've got to check out Frank's video above that goes into much more detail about Frank's views and what inspired him to do this ride.

To shed light in the darkness of the world we have today - I think we could all agree that a little more light could go a long way.

The goal of the ride is to raise $11,000, which will provide a $1000 scholarship for each city on the ride, including right here in Tyler. The more we donate, the bigger the scholarship will be!

If you'd like to contribute to the Ride For Change, any amount will help, you can do so at this GoFundMe page. If you can't help, please share this article and help out those students here in our community raise awareness for this event.

The ride will start September 14th, 2020, but we will continue to raise funds and awareness for these minority scholarships all throughout the 20-21 school year.

Frank stops in Tyler on Friday, September 18! You can catch up with Frank at the Army Recruiting Center on S. Broadway (next to Jersey Mike's and Hobby Lobby) from noon-2pm.

Come say hello and meet your favorite radio DJs!


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