I've been divorced about six years now. I haven't been in a long term relationship since then. I'm surprised I even remember how to spell relationship. But one thing I won't forget is the various faces I got when I made purchases like described in the above video.

Those purchases had to do with my hobby of collecting Transformers. Most are fairly inexpensive but a couple did bring a bit of a hefty price tag. I believe the most expensive one I have ran me about $160. I got a bonus at work and that was part of my reward to myself.

Or I'd get the face when I'd sit down to play a video game. That always turned into a "fun" conversation.

Anyhow, moral of this story is don't piss off your southern born and bred Southern girl. You'll get the many faces of death and the "I'm fine" which will later turn into a night on the couch.

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