Summer officially started on Sunday but actually started in East Texas about a month ago. So yeah, it's hot. There are many in East Texas who either don't have adequate air conditioning or can't afford the electric bill associated with running the air conditioning all day and night. That's where you come in.

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PATH, or People Attempting To Help, in Tyler is looking for your donations to provide a box fan to help give an East Texan in need some relief from the brutal East Texas Summer heat. All you have to do is stop by Home Depot on Old Jacksonville Highway in Tyler, pick up a Lasko box fan like pictured below, take it to the register and tell them you're donating to PATH's fan drive and pay $15.

Michael Gibson / Townsquare Media
Michael Gibson / Townsquare Media

I stopped by earlier today and did it. It was super easy, super quick and you'll feel good about yourself for helping an East Texan in need. What makes it even easier is you can leave the fan at the register, Home Depot will store them and PATH will come and pick them up from the store. But, of course, if you feel so obliged, you can take your fan, or fans, to the PATH office on Front Street in Tyler.

If going to Home Depot isn't the easiest for you, you can go to and make a monetary donation so PATH can buy some fans themselves. For instance, you can choose to donate $150 which will allow PATH to buy ten fans.

Thank you in advance for helping your fellow East Texans as we face what could be another super hot Summer.

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