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6 Year Old Little Gir Abandoned in Texas Hospital Has been Identified

After spending a weekend alone, some family members have come forward to claim the sweet 6-year-old little girl who was recently found abandoned at the Baylor Medical Center in Dallas.

Why was this sweet little girl left at the hospital alone?

The little girl spent the weekend alone with authorities at the hospital while police and social services worked diligently to help find some answers to why the little girl had been abandoned there and what would be needed to reunite her with her family as soon as possible.

The Texas public shows concern and speculation

On Wednesday, December 6th, the DFPS posted a photo of the girl on social media, asking for the public’s help finding her family.

Alejandra has been reunited with family members at this time.

Authorities will be working with the family to resolve any unanswered questions, which includes the elementary question of "Why."

In the meantime, Texas Child Protective Services released this statement;  "We’re grateful for the public’s help locating Alejandra’s family," the department said in a statement to Scripps News. "We believe we now know her identity and are in contact with her relatives. Alejandra remains in CPS care for now and options for placing her with family members are being explored.

Is it illegal to abandon your children in the safety of a hospital?

With that, CPS also offered, "The first court hearing in her case is scheduled for Dec. 14." Which might mean that Alejandra won't be returned to her immediate family after being left without explanation.

Here is the possible penalty if you abandon your child in Texas

Per Texas State law, if a person abandons a child without intent to return, they could face a third-degree felony charge. Penalties include up to 10 years and a possible fine of up to $10,000.

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