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Unbelievable Video of A Texas Bus Driver Nearly Running Over Kids

Understandably, the parents of three Denton ISD students who were almost run over by their bus driver are asking for the school district to investigate the incident that nearly killed their children.


The Texas bus driver, employed by Denton ISD is now on administrative leave.

Imagine how the parents felt as they witnessed their children happily exiting the bus only to capture what could have been their demise, all on film.

The bus driver continues on their route as if nothing had happened!

One parent who was involved in the near-miss accident says that if watching their child almost get run over wasn't bad enough, they couldn't stomach the fact that the bus driver, even with parents screaming, continued to drive on as if nothing had happened.

You can watch the video here, courtesy of ABC8 on YouTube.

Caution: Some viewing might find this video disturbing.

If you were a parent who had just watched your children almost get run over, what would you do?

One of the comments on YouTube questioned whether the mother yelling at her daughter about her backpack was a part of the issue since it might have slowed the little girl down, but after watching the video multiple times, it appears the bus driver was already moving forward before the mother started yelling.

It is also unclear if the bus driver was honking at the children or if it came from the vehicle of another witness to this close call.

With one child jumping out of the way and one child grabbing their sibling from harm's way, it is no wonder the driver is on leave.

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