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Last year, a San Antonio mother and her boyfriend were arrested when a five year old died after suffering unimaginable abuse.

Disgustingly the couple blamed each other for the abuse that lead to the little girls death.

Back in 2022, sweet five year old, Mercedes Losoya,  who was covered in bruises with chunks of her hair missing and cuts all over her body arrived at a San Antonio hospital unresponsive.

Emergency medical personnel who immediately suspected this child had suffered extreme abuse were not able to revive her. The autopsy confirmed little Mercedes suffered greatly before her death.

As the gory details of the abuse surfaced, Mercedes mother, 22-year-old Katrina Mendoza, pointed the finger at her boyfriend, Jose Angel Ruiz, 25, and Ruiz, of course blamed Mendoza.

A year later, Katrina Mendoza has accepted a plea deal.

Mendoza had as Ruiz to help her discipline Mercedes, but according to court documents, Mendoza testified that shortly afterward, the discipline became abuse.

But did Mendoza do anything to intervene?

According to medical exams and eye witness accounts, that included Mercedes 6 year old sibling, Mercedes was forced to eat dog feces at the hands of Ruiz as a form of discipline and during another incident of disciplining her, a sock filled with urine was stuffed into her mouth, before being yanked out by Ruiz, causing Mercedes to lose some of her baby teeth.

An autopsy confirmed Mercedes had been tortured as well. 

The family of Mercedes had also reported in 2022 that they tried several times to get help from the City of San Antonio CPS after realizing Mercedes was being abused.

Today, October 3rd 2023, as part of the plea deal, Mendoza is expected to testify against Ruiz and Texans are waiting to see if there will be any justice for 5 Year Old Mercedes a year after her sad death.