There's An Old Country Song That Goes: "Mommas Don't Let Your Babies Grow Up To Be Clout Chasers"....or something like that.

Ahhh the social media age, where ATTENTION is the new currency and we reward the talentless with fame. You're probably saying to yourself "well you're giving this attention" and you'll be correct in your assessment because not only is this story wild, its also totally ticking me off that folks don't take their fellow motorists under consideration when doing some dumb and dangerous like what you're about to see.

A 23-year-old Katy man is out on bond after he fled from Texas state troopers three different times, twice at high speeds and once on foot.


This is Allen Lynch from Katy, TX. According to KPRC in Houston, he likes to do what the kids call "the dash" and run from law enforcement. The Texas Department Of Safely says that he allegedly ran from Texas state troopers on 3 different occasions and in his recent pursuit on Feb. 4 on the Katy Freeway, he documented each step of escaping and hiding in a video posted on YouTube.

Here's His Video Showing Off What He Did.

After a monologue where he calls running from cops as something he does "just for the fun of it" he shows tire damage he sustained to his vehicle while getting away at high speeds. According to DPS, the trooper terminated the pursuit but they weren't done with him yet.

DPS Posted On Twitter That They Were Aware Of Lynch's Video On YouTube.


Lynch posted the video to YouTube on Feb. 6th and on Feb. 7th he was arrested for two counts of evading with a vehicle and one count of evading. Police ran back his history of running from them.

Its Clear He Knows That DPS Will Put Safety First And Terminate Chases But That Doesn't Stop Him From Putting Other Folks In Danger.

State troopers first tried to stop him on Sept. 2 because his temporary plates were folded up and couldn’t be read, according to court documents. When asked to exit the vehicle, he sped off then, too, according to documents. That pursuit reached speeds of 120 miles per hour but was terminated. When state troopers re-located him on Sept. 7, he ran away on foot. Court records show a judge set his bond at $20,000, which he posted on Feb. 10 according to KPRC but additional charges could be filed.

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