No Limitations Cheer Squad In Texas Was Invited to Compete In the Heart of Texas Spirit Showcase and these cheerleaders could not be happier! 

It's already a win on so many levels and the squad, No Limitations, hadn't even competed in the Heart of Texas Spirit Competition yet!

No Limitations Cheer Squad

No Limitations, a Texas cheerleading squad dedicated to including persons with disabilities had been invited to compete at the ALL-STAR level for the inaugural Heart of Texas Spirit Showcase.


They competed with over 20 other cheer squads and KWTX offers that, "These young ladies were beyond excited to be invited."

You better believe they brought their A-game when they came! 

The No Limitations All-Star squad, a nonprofit organization that provides opportunities for sports teams like; basketball, football and cheer for those with disabilities, said they were ecstatic to be included in the first Heart of Texas Spirit Showcase.

“The crowd at Live Oak was so amazing.  They roared so loud for our girls that it brought me to tears." One mom offered. "Hearing the crowd cheer for them, left our girls feeling like they just won the entire competition.”

The girls had been practicing for several months to prepare for the competition and the head cheer coach at Live Oak, Katy Cordel, made sure the girls felt ready with cheers, stunting and dancing.

In the article by KWTX, Cordell had the best quote to summarize the entire competition.

Cordell said the girls’ performance reminded everyone what the sport of cheer is all about.

Gotta Love It! 

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