A disturbing development from the Austin area. According to a new report from news4sa, a Hays CISD substitute theater arts teacher was being investigated and suspended Friday over concerns about a class assignment.


According to the article, the district says the sub reportedly assigned Johnson High School students to perform a puppet show in which one of the puppets had to be murdered. A group of students added to the claim by stating the performance would have involved a mass shooting. Hays CISD apologized to the students and parents and called the teacher's conduct "disturbing and unacceptable."  Allegedly the teacher told students if they didn’t do it, they would get a zero for the assignment. The investigation is ongoing.

The district said the teacher was hired in January 2024. Hays ISD told KXAN, “Students report that the substitute assigned them to perform a puppet show in which at least one puppet had to be murdered. Additionally, one group of students reports that their performance would have involved a mass shooting, though it is not clear if that was the specific assignment or a scene created to meet the parameters of the assignment.”

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Talk to the school directly or you can file a formal complaint with the TEA! The complaint must be in writing and signed and include the facts or documentation on which the allegation is based. Click here to get more information.

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