What does it take for a woman to land on Texas Death Row? 

The requirements are the same as any man: be convicted of a capital crime and demonstrate future dangerousness.

Capital crimes in Texas include killing a person under 15 years old, killing someone while committing certain felonies, killing a police officer or fireman, killing for money, and a few other conditions.

There are so few women on Texas Death Row. Here are all of them below.

getty images/ tx dept of corrections
getty images/ tx dept of corrections

Women are statistically much less likely to commit a violent crime, and when they do, it's typically simple assault (non-life threatening). They tend to be young when they commit a violent crime, as per the Bureau of Justice. But there are exceptions to every rule, as these women demonstrate. Nearly half of these women were in their 40s when they committed their violent crimes.

Currently, none of these women are scheduled for execution, but that doesn't mean they'll escape the needle. Texas has executed a total of six women since the death penalty was reinstituted in the 1970s, beginning with Karla Tucker in 1998. Interestingly, she was the first woman executed in Texas after a 135-year hiatus.

Here's a look at each woman currently on Texas Death Row. Some of the crimes are shockingly brutal, and some are wickedly calculated. A couple of these women are notorious for their crimes, and some you may have never heard of before now. You might take a deeper look at one or two and question if they belong on death row, or you may sigh a breath of relief that they are so completely contained from society.

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