Texans like to go fast. And it would appear that Dallas, TX, is the Ricky Bobby of The Lone Star State. Or, benefit of the doubt here, they are just always running behind and thus always in a hurry. But we all know that regardless of the reason, higher speeds mean more wrecks and more deaths.

The numbers don't lie, higher speeds in automobiles, mean more deaths. Sadly Texas is the worst state when it comes to fatal car accidents. These numbers are like a punch in the gut, not a list you want to top:

The 10 states with the most fatal car accidents in '22:

  1. Texas - 3,305
  2. California - 3,259
  3. Florida - 2,915
  4. Georgia - 1,407
  5. North Carolina - 1,321
  6. Pennsylvania - 1,103
  7. Ohio - 996
  8. Tennessee - 974
  9. South Carolina - 970
  10. Illinois - 948

While the population of these states certainly comes into play, surely we can do better. As TheDrive.com, the site that compiled the data points out:

"These incidents paint a canvas of grim what-ifs—take our 201-mph Charger driver, who got stopped doing that speed in "moderate" traffic on I-10. He could've easily taken out a family in an SUV on the way to grandma's."

Slow down.

Something to keep in mind, if you're not sure what the speed limit is on the road you're traveling, every road in Texas has a default speed limit. "The general default speed limits are 70 MPH on rural highways, 60 MPH on more urban highways, 30 MPH in urban areas, and 15 MPH in alleys or around beaches."

Now let's take a look at some of the Fastest Speeding Tickets in Texas:

Here Are the Top 10 Fastest Speeding Tickets in Texas in 2022

Let's take a look at the the Top 10 Fastest Speeding Tickets in Texas in 2022:

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