Do you give your kids a few quarters for the candy machine? Sometimes, a handful of Hot Tamales hits the spot. You don't see little cheap candy machines as often as you used to, but they're still around. I just saw a little girl get some Skittles from one the other day at a car dealership.

I don't want to ruin your day, but guys, public candy machines are pretty friggin' dirty.

They are privately owned and they aren't regulated....which means...some of them NEVER get cleaned..

Take a look at this viral TikTok of a woman cleaning and refilling a candy machine. You probably won't ever want to spend money on one again. It's bad vibes, dude. Not cool.

Did that give you the ick? The worst part, is that dirty ass candy is usually going in your child's mouth.

Check out what people had to say in the comments:

"You may have just singlehandedly tanked the candy machine business."

"I'll never eat from another candy machine."

"A random warehouse sponge..."

"Thank you for solidifying why I should never let my kids get candy out of these."


"It was very much still dirty when you put it back together."

"Wish all business were as transparent as you."

"I cannot believe I never realized these aren't regulated."

When was the last time you got candy from one? Think you'll do it again? Tell me in a comment below this article, and keep scrolling for more fun in the galleries below...

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