Texas is a state that prides itself on its rugged individualism. Texans are tough, and they like tough things. It should come as no surprise that Texans love what one could consider a rugged smell. What is the unofficial state smell of Texas? One that many of us have said we love.

Who Actually Gets Paid To Study Smells?

The fact that this study even exists is the first surprising part. BetTexas conducted it, and they did the dirty work to figure out which smells Texans love the most. They were able to narrow it down to the top 10 smells that Texans love most.

The way they figured this out is by analyzing Google searches in the Lone Star State. It would make sense that if we're going to Google about a scent, it must be one we enjoy.

Ranking The Top 10 Smells In The State Of Texas

Their list of the top smells ranges from the sweeter fragrances to the ones you would expect to find as a bar of soap marketed by Big Foot. In order, the top 10 smells in the state of Texas are:

  • Gasoline
  • New Car
  • Coffee
  • Melting Chocolate
  • Cinnamon
  • Vanilla
  • Christmas Trees
  • Nail Polish
  • Log Fires
  • Bacon

How bacon wound up so far down the list is confusing to me. I would have thought bacon would have been near the top. Also, I'm blaming Dallas for loving nail polish making the list. I can imagine they're the ones sitting around sniffing their freshly done nails.

Gasoline being the number one scent in the state wasn't as big of a shock. I know several people who actually like the smell of gasoline. Also, you have to keep in mind how seriously we take the petroleum industry in the Lone Star State.

I am a little surprised that the smell of money (cow poop) didn't make the list. I wholeheartedly expected Texas to have that one somewhere between cinnamon and vanilla.

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