In Texas when we love something, we have to give it a nickname. There are so many people called Bubba in Texas because they have sisters that love them.

Texas even has its own nicknames: The Beef State, The Jumbo State, Big Tex, and one with a nod to our flag, The Lone Star State.

I've been noticing the trend of people mispronouncing the name on purpose at Texas' favorite convenience store. That yielded this first hilariously funny nickname Bussies.

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If you take the hyphen out of the name, that is what you get.

Some Of The Funny Names Come Right From Buc-ee's Marketing

This is my personal favorite. If you combine Bass Pro Shops and Buc-ee's you get this gem.

Gas Pro Shops tells the real story of what it is like going into this Texas institution.


If you move the hyphen back, the name goes from Buc-ee's to Bu-cee's. Bu-cee's is home to America's favorite big-toothed actor, not a beaver.

These names are great, and we stumbled upon them all organically, but I feel we need more. I fed the info into chat GPT and it came with the goods:

  1. Bougie Bathroom Express
  2. Boo-Kee's Bling Barn
  3. Boo-Chee's Boutique
  4. Buc-A-Licious Depot
  5. Buck-E's Bonanza
  6. Buc-Hee's Bazaar
  7. Buc-EE's Buckaroo Bodega
  8. Buuk-ee's Buffoonery Barn

These are all great fun nicknames, and for once AI has given me something to laugh about. Do you have a favorite nickname for the "World's Biggest Gas Station?"

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