Brave Texas Mom Stops Fleeing Felon in Dramatic Showdown!

You do not want to mess with the lady in the video at the bottom of this article.

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Well, don't crash your car into her van while her child is with her, at least.

Don't Mess With Texas

The video opens with a news helicopter's view of a fleeing suspect speeding down a Dallas highway in a white two-door car. The suspect smashes into the back of a stopped white van and a dark SUV. The dark van takes the brunt of the hit, but he swiped the white van pretty well, too.

Definitely Don't Mess WIth a Texans Kid

A woman is seen jumping out of the van and approaching the white car. It turns out, her kid was in the van as well, and she's pissed.



Especially Don't Mess With Two Texans


The mom drags the suspect out of his car and begins whooping his butt. The guy who was driving the dark SUV gets out and joins her in the beatdown.


We can also see her child sitting on the curb at first, then he starts flopping around. We'll assume he was hurt and not just pretending.

Finally, the cops catch up and get the guy in handcuffs.


Check out the video below:



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